About us


Mr. Alexandre Turincev (1942-2014)

A life-long experience in fertilizer trading having founded and successfully grown two trading companies: MERKURIA in the 70s and 80s, and then MEKATRADE.


Alexandre Turincev believed in certain basic values, by which he stood, and which continue to shape Mekatrade today:

  • People matter more than structures,
  • True listening and sharing is what makes relationships last,
  • A successful business is like a music partition, with its rhythm and tempo, and where individual players, each with their personal qualities, can come together and play as one, in harmony.


Ludovico Manfredi
Chief Executive Officer


  • Joined Mekatrade in May 2016
  • Before joining Mekatrade, he was a commodities trader and a portfolio manager at a large London-based hedge fund, responsible for physical asset investments.

Juan-Eric Savard
Chief Financial Officer


  • Joined Mekatrade in 2007
  • Currently responsible for the company‚Äôs financing, treasury, compliance and HR