Key fertilizer nutrients exist naturally in the soil, but intensive crop production depletes its contents. Fertilizers need to be regularly applied.


Our worldwide network of offices and agents, close to clients’ and suppliers’ locations, allows us to facilitate and enhance all operations, from sourcing at origin to the delivery to the final client.


We keep improving our long-term relationships with both suppliers and customers through regular contracts and assistance in processing, financing and logistics.

Fertilizers Trading Company

As a medium-size specialized fertilizers trader, we are able to make quick decisions and react rapidly to changing market conditions, while also benefiting from the scale of our operations and the diversity of our portfolio of fertilizer products.

We endeavour to manage our business with flexibility, professionalism and a deep understanding of our counterparties’ needs.

Above all, Mekatrade values the privileged relationships we have built with our clients and suppliers over almost 30 years.

The Products We Trade

1.5 million MT traded with about 100 suppliers and as many clients

AN / CAN/ Urea 389'000 mt0%

DAP/MAP 322'000 MT0%

SSP/TSP/Rock 321'000 MT0%

AS 224'000 MT0%

NP/NPK 136'000 MT0%

SULPHUR 68'000 MT0%