About us


Mr. Alexandre Turincev (1942-2014)

A life-long experience in fertilizer trading having founded and successfully grown two trading companies: MERKURIA in the 70s and 80s, and then MEKATRADE.


Alexandre Turincev believed in certain basic values, by which he stood, and which continue to shape Mekatrade today:

  • People matter more than structures,
  • True listening and sharing is what makes relationships last,
  • A successful business is like a music partition, with its rhythm and tempo, and where individual players, each with their personal qualities, can come together and play as one, in harmony.


Ludovico Manfredi
Chief Executive Officer


  • Joined Mekatrade in May 2016
  • Before joining Mekatrade, he was a commodities trader and a portfolio manager at a large London-based hedge fund, responsible for physical asset investments.

Juan-Eric Savard
Chief Financial Officer


  • Joined Mekatrade in 2007
  • Currently responsible for the company’s financing, treasury, compliance and HR


Mekatrade’s main representative offices are strategically located close to origin and destination markets to maintain close links with suppliers and customers.